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 We are delighted that you decided to take a look at our New Ministry website.  As you look through these webpages, I pray that the Lord will speak to your heart and draw you towards a closer walk with Him.   God is moving in a mighty way through Faith in Christ Ministries and we would love for you to be a part of God's outpouring with this Ministry.  It is our desire to be a blessing to you, your family, and your fellowship as well as to encourage you to be an overcoming victorious Christian. 

Over the last twenty years, or so it has been our calling to reach the nations of this world with the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to fulfill God's plan for the body of Christ to be able to “walk by faith” each and every day and to show God’s love towards our fellow man.  With this in mind our motto is:

"Building Faith to Inspire change, Challenging Individuals to Make a Difference”.

As you grow in your discovery of God's love, may you know that His love for you never fades and His love through you is unfailing!  If you are leading a Church that needs a Spiritual Covering, Leadership Development, or Fellowship through Understanding (the Word of God) then please consider "Faith In Christ Ministries" as we would love you to be a part of our growing  Network of Churches. 


 As Founder of Faith in Christ Ministries  I thank you for your love and support and I invite you to look around our website and I hope you enjoy your time visiting us.  Our desire is to help and assist you in whatever way we can.  

You’re Servant in the Lord Dr Steven J. Icke.   

The Firm Foundation of God's Word

This Ministry is to be like the Coliseum pictured above.  The Foundation of the Ministry is to be the "Wisdom of God's Word" as given in the Holy Scriptures. This is to be the final authority of everything that we believe.  There will be five Pillars of strength holding this Ministry up and
they will be the Pillar's of Salvation,  Faith,  Authority,  Finances, and The End Times.

The Scriptural teaching of these core principles from the Word of God shall support and sustain this Ministry throughout it's Ministerial Life. These principles shall not change or alter but stand as a memorial to the Lord God that we trust in and have our faith in.  Amen


Monthly Prayer Night 1st Thursday of the Month.

One of the Words that the Lord has given this Ministry was "My House shall be a House of prayer and those that dwell therein shall be called the "Children of God".  We have carried this word for many years in our Hearts but Now we believe that the time has come for us the act on this word.  With the full furnished Church ready to receive people we are going to have a monthly prayer meeting starting at 7:00pm until about 9:00pm. (as the Holy Spirit leads) 

We would like to invite anyone to come and join us no matter which Church or denomination you are from.  We will be praying for:
1.  The Salvation of the people of Crewe and the surrounding area.

2.  The prosperity of the Town and its Business.

3.  The Salvation of our Family and Friends.

4.  The Poor and Destitute within the Town.

5.  Government Officials  both Local and National.

6.  And any other personal prayer requests that we may have during the evening.

If you have a heart for Crewe and its people or if you need prayer for a particular situation in your life them please come along to the meeting.  You will be made very Welcome.