"Faith in Christ Ministries" is a non-denominational Ministry that is dedicated to the birth, growth, and continued support of House Churches across the UK and throughout the World.  FICM started with a Word from the Lord to Dr Steve Icke in 1995 "that he would run a worldwide Ministry that would preach, teach, and proclaim the uncompromising Word of God without fear or favour to whoever would listen". 

This vision lay in Dr Steve’s heart for six years awaiting the right time to be birthed.  Then in 2001 Dr Steve and two others started a House Church with the name "Faith in Christ Ministries" and the vision was born into reality.  The House Church ran for twelve month before Shaun and Wendy Robinson became apart of the Church.  Over the next few years the House Church had many people come and go but not many stopped around, but this did not diminish the vision that was not only in Dr Steve heart but had been received by Shaun and Wendy as well.

In 2005 "FICM" linked up with the New Testament Church of God here in Crewe and we worked
together for the benefit of both Churches for several years.  In 2011 the Ministry Head Office moved to Telford where we had been given some offices to use by Oasis Christian Fellowship who we have been in contact with ever since 2005.  The move of the Head Office meant that we had a closer working relationship with the Pastors of Oasis for a number of years.  In 2014  the Lord told us to prepare for an increase in the Ministry worldwide, at that time we had about 10 – 14 Churches and House Churches around the World baring the name "FICM". 

By the start of 2015 the Churches and House Churches that were under the "FICM"  name had risen to 70-74.  That extreme growth continued in 2015 -2016 and the Ministry grew to over 700 Churches worldwide by the end of 2016.  In
2017 we believe that it is going to be yet another strong year for the Ministry with God’s grace! 


As the Ministry continues to grow throughout the World the Church in Crewe is taking on a new vision and a new name!  The original  name for the Church "Covenant Fellowship Church" has been changed to "Catch The Fire Fellowship" with a logo of a person's hands catching the fire of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove.  This image was given to Pastor Shaun as he worked to work earlier this year. The Lord also put on Pastor Shaun's heart that the Church had to operate with the power of the Holy Spirit in all their meetings.  To us the name "Catch The Fire" is more that a fancy phrase, it means that people that come to the Church will able to received the Holy Spirit through accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour (born again (John 3:3,5-8) and in due time the Baptism of the Holy Spirit which includes "speaking in Tongues. "  Our Commission for this Church and Ministry is contained in Luke 19:10 to seek and to save those which are lost.  This is to be done in partnership with the power of the Holy Spirit.