Rev Dr Steven J. Icke




 Dr Steve is the Founder of Faith in Christ Ministries and the senior Pastor over the Church and Ministry.  He gave his life to Christ at the age of 18 years old along with the brother Robert.  Within six months of being born again and attending his local Church.  The Senior Pastor saw something very special on Steven's life and asked him to be the associate  Pastor for the Church which Steven accepted.  Steven for-fulled this role for a number of years before leaving the Church for pastures new.  Once again Steven was asked to accept a Leadership role his new Church which he again accepted being the associate Pastor again.

During all this time Steven was studying hard in the Word of God towards his BA and eventually his Doctorate in "Pastoral Studies".  Steven continued to do the Associate Pastors role in all of the different Churches that he attended, but he knew that at some time he was to be the senior Pastor over the Ministry that God had promised him.  This time came in 2001 when Dr Steven his wife and a friend of the family prayed and got the go ahead to start the House Church in his own home in Crewe.


Over the next 12 months Steven saw people come and go with out making any real commitment for the House Church that was until Shaun & Wendy Robinson started to attend and committed their lives to Christ in Steven's living room.  The rest of the story about Steven's walk with the Lord can be seen in the International Ministry that the Lord has blessed Steven with.  Their are Churches in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and Australia.  The Vision that Dr Steven was given is now a reality and Steven is for filling the calling on his life.