Mrs Wendy Robinson




Mrs Wendy Robinson is the wife of Pastor Shaun and together they oversee Covenant Fellowship Church and work together to make the Church a Word based Church that ordinary people will want to come to so they can learn about God and His Son Jesus.  Wendy was first raised in the Church of England being Christened and confirmed in the Church.  This was in line with her father's faith but Wendy wanted to go to Church each week and her father did not go to Church at that time.  Wendy's Mother was a practicing Catholic so Wendy started to go to Church with her mother and soon after she became apart of the Church Choir due to her regular attendance at the Church.

When Wendy meet her future Husband she wanted to get married in the Church that she had been attending but becausae she was not Christened or confirmed in the Catholic Church she was not allowed to get married there unless she changed her faith and became a practicing Catholic.  Fortunately Shaun was a devout Catholic so Shaun took Wendy to the Priest House every Thursday for religious instruction in the Catholic faith.


After three months instruction and a few months before the Wedding Wendy was received into the Catholic Church at a service held in her own church. a few months later Wendy and Shaun were married in the same Church in 1988. In 2002 Wendy gave her life to Jesus and ask Him to be her Lord and Saviour.  Over the years Wendy has been a helpful inspiration to her husband as he worked in the Ministry, but in recent years Wendy has felt the calling on her life as well and because of that she is starting to take a more prominent role in the Church and is eading the Leighton Hospital Chapel Service every Wednesday Night.