Rev Shaun G Robinson



Pastor Shaun is Dr Steven's Associate Minister in Faith in Christ Ministries and is the Pastor of Covenant Fellowship Church which is the main UK Church for FICM.  Pastor Shaun has been working with Dr Steve in many capacities since 2002 when he first joined the House Church with his wife Wendy.  Shaun and Wendy had been practicing  Roman Catholics when they first meet Dr Steve on the Isle of Wight, they soon formed a deep friendship which has lasted over a decade.  Pastor Shaun was first given the Treasurers position in the Ministry in 2003 a position that he still holds to this day.  

Pastor Shaun continued in that roll for two years before  starting to train for the Ministry in 2005 at the International Collage of   Excellence at Warsall in England.  This then changed to Life Christian University,”  After working closely with Dr Steve for the next four e years Pastor Shaun was Ordained on the 12th May 2009 in a service held in Crewe with family and friends in attendance.  It was at that time that Pastor Shaun took over the day to day running of the House Church  while Dr Steve focused on the International side of the Ministry.

In September 2011 when the House Church was closed in accordance with the wishes of the Lord.  Pastor Shaun started to work closely with Dr Steven on the International side of the Ministry.  Over the last few years the International side of the Ministry continued to grow at a rapid rate so much so that Pastor Shaun has been appointed UK Director for Africa & Asia.  Faith in Christ Ministries is in touch with most of theri Pastors on a daily or weekly basic  depending on what the Pastor's requirements are within  their own area,

Pastor’s in Kenya and Pakistan are given spiritual guidance and helpful knowledge, as well as more practicable help with teaching materials such as the “Discipleship Evangelism Course.”  When asked about the role that Pastor Shaun has taken on he said “I am enjoying the role that I am doing, of course it has its problems, no job in Ministry is problem free, but to know that we here in Crewe are able to be a blessing to people so far away in other country's and aiding them to come into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is  something that I have always wanted to do.  I only hope and pray that we will be able to extend FICM as far around the World as we can with the Lord blessing"