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Below are the Newsletters for the lbegining of the Year.  We have put them on the site so that you can read them at your own leasure.  Just simply double click on the Newsletter that you want to read and follow the instructions.  When the PDF File opens and you can read it, when you have finnished click the back arrow on the top left of the Web page to go back to the Web Site.

14th_August.PDF    "Partnership"

31st_July.PDF     "To Tithe or Not to Tithe part 2"

5th June.PDF    "To Tithe or Not to Tithe part 1"

8th May 2011.PDF    "Baptisim Night"

10th April 2011.PDF    Dr Steven J Icke

27th February2011.PDF   "Fellowship In Christ"

13th February 2011.PDF  "Azusa Street 1906"

30th January2011.PDF  "New Beginings for New Lives"

16th January 2011.PDF  "New Beginings"