Leighton Hospital Chapel Service 7:30pm

    Every Wednesday Night


    The Word of God Preached in a Public Place


    It is just over twelve months since the Lord opened a door for us to go into Leighton Hospital which is the local NHS hospital.  Many years ago when Wendy and I were practising Catholics we went to this Chapel for a Catholic Mass each Sunday, the main reason was that it was short service of about 30-45 mins.

    Since then we have gone to the Chapel a few times but nothing regular, is until last May.  We were asked if we could cover for someone who ran it but was away on holiday, so we said that we would cover for the next few weeks until we he got back.  After the first few weeks the Lord told me that he wanted my and Wendy to run the service between ourselves.

    After praying about the situation Wendy and I were happy to taken on the roll, it was then that Dr Steve told me that the Lord has told him the first night that we were to run the Chapel Service.  At Christmas we had a special service where many friends, some staff and even patients came to the service


    At the beginning of 2017 a minister was waiting for us to ask if we would become Volunteer staff for the Hospital which we agreed too.  It took a long tome to get all the requirements sorted out for the ID Badges but we did get the in middle of May.  We are now looking at getting access to the Words as Chaplaincy Team members and I am sure that will come through in the Lord’s good Timing.   Our greatest challenge is to get more patients and staff to come to the Chapel and hear the Word of God, but I am sure that the Lord has a plan to sort tht out as well!